Proposed Festive Working 2022
Normal Collection DateRevised Collection DatePay rate
Monday 19 Dec 2022No Change
Tuesday 20 Dec 2022No Change
Wednesday 21 Dec 2022No Change
Thursday 22 Dec 2022No Change
Friday 23 Dec 2022No Change
Monday 26 Dec 2022Sat 24 Dec 2022NOW DOUBLE TIME
Tuesday 27 Dec 2022No ChangeBank Hol
Wednesday 28 Dec 2022No Change
Thursday 29 Dec 2022No Change
Friday 30 Dec 2022No Change
Monday 2nd Jan 2023No ChangeBank Hol
Proposed Day Changes 2022/23
After much debate, a proposal regarding working hours over this year’s winter festive period has been put forward, which could see minimal day changes for waste and recycling collections.

The above table indicates the affected dates and could see workers able to enjoy Christmas day, boxing day and New year at home, with minimal disruption for residents.

Following union input on the initial Festive Working proposal, the pay for working Saturday 24th December 2022 will be increased from ‘Weekend Working’ rate, (which currently stands at time + half), to double pay for this day.

The proposal is soon to be put forward to the Council for acceptance.