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Cheshire West Recycling News
Proposed Festive Working 2022
Normal Collection DateRevised Collection DatePay rate
Monday 19 Dec 2022No Change
Tuesday 20 Dec 2022No Change
Wednesday 21 Dec 2022No Change
Thursday 22 Dec 2022No Change
Friday 23 Dec 2022No Change
Monday 26 Dec 2022Sat 24 Dec 2022NOW DOUBLE TIME
Tuesday 27 Dec 2022No ChangeBank Hol
Wednesday 28 Dec 2022No Change
Thursday 29 Dec 2022No Change
Friday 30 Dec 2022No Change
Monday 2nd Jan 2023No ChangeBank Hol
Proposed Day Changes 2022/23
After much debate, a proposal regarding working hours over this year’s winter festive period has been put forward, which could see minimal day changes for waste and recycling collections.

The above table indicates the affected dates and could see workers able to enjoy Christmas day, boxing day and New year at home, with minimal disruption for residents.

Following union input on the initial Festive Working proposal, the pay for working Saturday 24th December 2022 will be increased from ‘Weekend Working’ rate, (which currently stands at time + half), to double pay for this day.

The proposal is soon to be put forward to the Council for acceptance.
CWaC ‘Facing the Future’ Consultation launched

Cheshire West and Chester Council have this week launched a consultation inviting resident to take part in shaping the Council’s budget for 2022-2023.

The consultation outlines the Council’s proposals for services that fall within three key areas of consideration:

Health & Wellbeing (such as adult social care, public health services and Education)

Environment & Economy (such as waste collection services, planning applications and Highways maintenance)

Council wide proposals (which include a range of support services such as HR, ICT and legal)

To take part in the ‘Facing the Future’ consultation visit:


It’s time to ‘Offload’

Everybody needs a helping hand now and then and with over 50% more adults experiencing forms of depression since the pandemic began, it’s time to take action for better Mental Fitness.

CWR are proud to present Rugby League Cares; ‘Offload’ fixtures, where our crews can learn coping skills and develop a positive mindset through a free programme of presentations lead by current and former Rugby League players. Our crews are encouraged to sign up for this programme and develop techniques in coping with criticism, bouncing back from injury and much more.

Reversing training
Cheshire West Recycling will be holding a training day on Saturday 26th June to refresh the knowledge of our crews on reversing procedures and assistance techniques.   Bespoke videos created by Pristine Condition, the providers of Cheshire West Recycling’s manual handling training, will be used during the training day to demonstrate best practice and cover the safety protocol our crews are required to use whilst carrying out their daily rounds.

Recently, to reduce the risk of potential incidents occurring whilst carrying out daily duties, Cheshire West Recycling investigated and re-evaluated the route risk assessments of each collection round to eliminate reversing wherever possible for all routes.

LGV Driver Recruitment Day
Cheshire West Recycling held its first ever recruitment drive this month which saw social media and radio messages circulated to the public and culminating with a public recruitment day at Cheshire West Recycling’s Canalside Operations hub in Ellesmere Port on Friday 4th June. The event was held to encourage local LGV drivers to visit the Cheshire West Recycling hub to see the roles in action and show case the benefits of driving for the company. Cheshire West Recycling can offer free driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training which can be held during working hours, as well as supported medicals. With full time roles available in Winsford and Ellesmere Port, and typical working hours being 07:00 to 15:30, it pays to be part of the great Cheshire West Recycling team. If you are a Cheshire West Recycling loader looking to further your career and take up a driving role, or if you know somebody who is looking to gain experience in the driving industry, get in touch today.


CWR are now an affiliated organisation of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) – the leading professional membership body for people working in or with the waste management sector.

This affiliated membership shows that Cheshire West Recycling will demonstrate to customers and regulators that we’re serious about achieving the highest levels of professionalism and compliance.

We now join CIWM in their mission to influence, inform and inspire the sustainable management of resources and waste, and work to achieve their vision of making the best and safest use of resources to protect and enrich life on our planet.

Electric vehicle trial


Having now trialled the new eCollect all electric vehicle at our Winsford Hub, it’s now making it’s way over to our Canalside Hub for workers to try out on their rounds from Monday 19th.

The Dennis Eagle’s eCollect is a 27-tonne eRCV which, by producing zero emissions, helps operators to improve local air quality and tackle climate change. The assessments and opinions gathered during this trial will be used to determine whether all electric vehicles can effectively replace the current diesel fleet.

Thank you to CWR crews


Crews at Winsford Hub recently received a heart-warming package of handmade cards and thank you pictures from Acorn Childcare Nursery in Hartford, Near Northwich, where the pre-school children had been learning all about recycling.

The Nursery informed CWR that the little ones had been dressing up as bin men and ladies and even made their own bin wagon. The cards were made by the children to thank CWR crews for all that they do, and images of our crews receiving the cards were sent back to the nursery for their Sustainability display.