Cheshire West Recycling (CWR) are committed to ensuring that all parts of the business operate compliantly, consistently and in line with the Company Vision
This policy sets out how CWR responds to complaints and feedback to enable continual improvement.

Policy Objectives
I. Ensure that we deal with any complaints or concerns received, in a fair and respectful manner and to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible.
II. Evaluate customer satisfaction by monitoring and measuring complaints, concerns, compliments and feedback.
III. Set out how we use the information to continually improve.
IV. Ensure we meet all contractual requirements from CWaC

Echo is a cloud-based software application utilised to plan, deliver and manage front-line operations, with mobile, back office and contact centre integration. This approach enables two-way exchange of real time information, streamlining data capture and ensuring that the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time. CWR uses ECHO to capture customer satisfaction feedback on service provision. Data on the service provision is recorded and reported to the customer (Cheshire West & Chester Council) monthly in the form of a contract report.
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Receiving with Complaints, Comments and Feedback

Direct to crew on collection rounds
All contact with the public must always be polite and helpfully, crews are trained in dealing with confrontational or aggressive behaviours. All crews have the ability to log any issues directly onto the Echo system and contact their supervisors if they need any further help or advice. All complaints received directly by the public will be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner.
Via Echo System
All service issues are received and recorded through the ECHO system. Supervisors are responsible for receiving, investigating and actioning any issues received through ECHO timescales for response are 24 hours from receipt.
Other Complaints
Any other complaints, comments or feedback received either by:
➢ staff direct to manager or via the
➢ Direct to CWR staff by the public, regulators or other external parties
These must be logged on the CWR complaints register. These could be from staff, neighbours, regulators or the public, CWR are committed to recording all complaints and feedback and providing feedback to the complainant within the agreed timescales. The Communications Managers are responsible for logging all complaints and ensuring they are actioned in line with the Complaints process flow below.

Dealing with Complaints
For a complaint to be dealt in the shortest practicable time and in line with the contract agreement, it is important that staff realise the levels of responsibility when handling a complaint. The escalation standard is dependent upon the level of severity of the complaint as outlined in Figure 1 above. It is the responsibility of the appropriate Supervisor or Manager to provide a resolution to the complaint sympathetic to its nature.
Severity of Complaint
It should be noted that all complaints against either staff or service standards are to be treated seriously and professionally, and the severity of complaint is only to provide a guide as to the level of responsibility for its resolution.

➢ Low Severity
These may be complaints received by collections crews by customers who are dissatisfied with a part of the service being completed. These are generally small in terms of the rectification needed and may be dealt with by the Supervisors. These are all received and logged through the ECHO system.
➢ High Severity
These complaints are more serious in nature and may involve operational deficits and the redeployment of staff and additional inspections for rectification. These may be the result of improper solutions for a low severity complaint or complaints about improper behaviour that is considered undermines the professionalism of CWR or health and safety breaches. The Operations Manager is responsible for instigating the resolution and communicating with the complainant or CWaC to ensure that the situation is rectified as quickly as practicably possible.
When faced with a complaint of whatever nature it is important that the process is always dealt with in a fair and open way with the upmost professionalism. Where required the complainant is informed of our aim to rectify the situation as soon as practicably possible. It is also important to keep the complainant or stakeholder up to date on the status of rectification in order to prevent further dissatisfaction, either through the ECHO system or directly to the complainant if appropriate.

Collecting & Reviewing Data
All complaints are collated on a monthly basis for Senior Management Meetings, highlighting the number of complaints received for a given month. This enables improvements towards quality standards and contractual obligations to be monitored.

Equal Opportunities
CWR is committed to giving an equal service and dealing with complaints equally regardless of their age, colour, culture, disability, economic status, ethnic
origin, gender, race, marital status, religious or sexual orientation.

Policy Monitoring and Review
This policy will be subject to monitoring to review how the policy works in practice. We will review this policy in twelve months.