One of Our Own

July 2022
One of Our Own

At Cheshire West Recycling, when we say people are at the heart of everything we do and everybody has a part to play, we really mean it. 

We couldn’t operate and create clean and safe neighbourhoods without everyone who works here and we’re committed to investing in everyone who works for us.

We’ve been working with an external provider to put in place a bespoke Development Training Programme to be delivered over six months to help make sure we’re achieving our purpose and that we develop and adapt to make the most of opportunities.

This is a really fantastic opportunity for everyone involved to develop skills and learn techniques to help them get the most out of their role and those they work alongside as Cheshire West Recycling continues to develop and grow.

It’s an exciting time for Cheshire West Recycling and we’re proud to be working with BWT Management Development who will deliver our Development Training Programme.