Reducing our Carbon Impact

October 2022
HVO fuel

All new CWR vehicles are EURO6 - suitable for adaption to alternate fuels. Together with the Council, CWR are committed to delivering a service that helps the public to easily make the most of the recycling opportunities available, whilst also helping to address the climate crisis where we can.

  • The planned phasing in of Hydrogenised Vegetable Oil (HVO), as a replacement for traditional diesel, means we will reduce carbon emissions
  • Our focus on driver behaviour, to reduce idling for example, will further add to the reduction 
  • Route optimisation and planning means we're reducing the number of miles driven daily. Project Via reduced our fleet impact by 8,439 tonnes of CO2e per annum
  • Carbon impact [reduction] has been introduced as a key factor in the delivery of the new services

2023/24 Goals:

  • 10% fuel reduction by spend and volume in comparison to 22/23 by Q4
  • Feasibility study into solar PV and battery storage at operational hubs - Commission options analysis of renewable energy production and storage across CWR estate.

Working together we can minimise the impact of waste and CO2 on our community. We all play a part in supporting positive environmental change which leads to clean and safe places to live and work for future generations.