Big bites for food waste

April 2023
Food collection vehicle

At our Road Three Hub, in Winsford, we have started to receive, and have begun using, our new food waste collection vehicles, these are ORUS 6 vehicles. Ten of these vehicles will also be arriving in Ellesmere Port, this will synchronise with staff training before the Maygos Kerb loaders are retired.

At Leslie Road we’re now tipping into the dedicated food waste RCV’s we have, also known as ‘Big Bites’. We’re using three new Big Bite vehicles which are 32 tonne food waste transport vehicles so we can take care of the food waste, collected from residents in west Cheshire, on site.

We have successfully trialled the use of a chute which has been constructed to help the flow of food waste from the collection vehicle into the Big Bite.

Additionally, we have commissioned the bespoke design of a skip from local company UKCM (UK Container Maintenance) that enables the food waste collection vehicles to unload even when the Big Bite trucks are away from the yard. The small food waste vehicles can tip into the skip, and the Big Bite uses its skip arms to lift the skip and transfer the food waste into the rear of the truck.

These new vehicles, and the processing, will have a positive impact on both our carbon impact and waste processing efficiency.